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7 Marzo 2006 Secret Project Robot 210 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn (NY)

SignofSound is a multidisciplinary project involving music, painting, video, and dance. The entire performance is based on improvisation. During the show the performer is accompanied by live jazz or electronic music. The artist interpret the music with her body that interact with wall size backlit canvases where layers of painting have been applied. Each movement of the artist leaves a sign on the canvas, and soon transform it into a painting. A real dialogue between the painter and the musicians takes place on stage, each inspiring the work of the other, and allowing an immediate translation of the Signs into Sound and vice versa. This intense and stimulating environment is completed by the contribute of dancers who interpret the surrounding visual and audio stimulations with the movement of their bodies. The work of the painter and the dancers comes together while a video is projected in the background. The video consists of sculptural forms generated by contact mics on the canvasses and electronic sound graphed onto an oscilloscope. An oscilloscope is traditionally used to calibrate electronic instruments via audio. However, the internal timer of the scope can be replaced with another sound source on the x-axis. When two Channels hitting the scope are in specific harmonic and phase ratios, the scopeís electron gun will graph an image giving the illusion of a moving 3 dimensional shape.These are called Lissajous patterns.
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